Guide to Maintenance Contracts

A maintenance contract is a bolt-on to your lease agreement covering all your standard vehicle servicing and repairs. This optional cost will be added to your monthly lease payment. All the vehicles we supply are available with a maintenance package, these packages generally include*:

Mercedes EQC

Featured Vehicle - Mercedes-Benz EQC

  1. MOT’s

  2. Mechanical and Electrical Repairs

  3. Routine Servicing

  4. Premium brand tyre replacement

*Maintenance contracts may differ slightly depending on your funder but they're generally all very similar. Please make sure you check your maintenance agreement before making your order. If you require any further information regarding maintenance contracts, please call one team to discuss this further.

There are many benefits to having a maintenance contract:

Fixed Monthly Cost
Fixed Monthly Cost

Having a fixed cost every month allows you to manage your budget more effectively. No need to worry about unexpected and costly maintenance.

Protect against Inflation
Protection Against Inflation

The cost of your maintenance contract is fixed once your order is signed, this won’t change! With a maintained contract you are protected from industry price hikes.

Recoverable VAT
Recoverable VAT

If you are a VAT registered company with a business contract hire agreement. The VAT on the maintenance element of your contract is recoverable.

Where do I get my vehicle maintenance and servicing done?

This depends on your contract. Most contracts will have approved maintenance centres where you can take your vehicle to be serviced. This tends to be large network of servicing centres across the UK from reputable companies. They will usually be within a sensible driving distance from you. Please speak with our team to confirm your nearest autocentre. Servicing and repairs is always done using like-for-like components from premium brands.

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