Electric Vehicle Questions

We’re the experts in electric vehicles! You will find many of your electric vehicles questions answered here. Our electric vehicles FAQ's still might not cover everything so please get in touch if you need any further information. If you are looking for information regarding leasing and the contracts we provide, you can view our leasing questions. 

Electric cars have many benefits including reduced fuel costs, they pollute less, lower maintenance, generally accelerate faster than petrol cars and many more. To find out more reasons why click here.

Whilst there is pollution associated with the manufacturing of an electric car. Driving a fully electric car emits no pollution directly. Indirectly there may be pollution associated with the energy generation used to charge the car. Consider charging your car from known green energy providers or producing your own green energy. You can find a list here. Standard hybrids and plug-in hybrids will release emissions as they still use fuel however this is generally a lot lower than standard vehicles. To understand the different types of electric vehicles click here.

As electric cars and vans have less moving parts than there gas guzzling cousins their motors will generally outlive their petrol equivalents. Battery degradation is possible and may require your batteries to be replaced (very small chance of a problem with leased vehicles) however the technology is becoming far better over time. The latest electric vehicles have a far superior battery life than those even a few years ago.
Yes! We believe they're far more fun than petrol vehicles due to their instant torque. Better still, leasing an electric car or van you can have a brand new one every few years depending on the length of your lease.
Admittedly, they are slightly more expensive at the moment. This is down to the battery technology and the new manufacturing methods associated with these new vehicles. However, if you take into account the money you will save in fuel driving an electric car or van and the environmental benefit. We believe they're definitely worth there money! Electric cars are excellent for people with company cars as they can significantly reduce your benefit-in-kind tax. See how much here
Whilst the top speed of electric cars and vans can be equal to those of ICE vehicles. Electric vehicles really ace them with their acceleration. This is due to electric motors being able to produce instant high levels of torque.
No! Electric cars and vans have far less moving parts than standard petrol and diesel vehicles. Admittedly their batteries are expensive to replace however this is a rarity. When you lease an electric car or van you can have the option to have a maintained contract. This means that your vehicle will be covered for all standard repairs and maintenance including full servicing, MOT and no quibble tyre replacement.
They can do. The fuel costs are considerably lower than petrol vehicles. If you can produce your own energy these costs become even lower. Maintenance is generally cheaper for electric vehicles as they have less moving parts. The list price of electric vehicles does however tend to be slightly higher.
Yes! Massively! The efficiency of standard gas vehicles is around 17-21%. This means they convert only a small percentage of the attainable energy that is released from their fuel. Electric vehicles typically work at an efficiency rating of 80-85%, they are around 4 times more efficient than petrol vehicles.
No, they don't due to their near-instant torque there is no need for gears. It doesn't mean that they couldn't potentially have gears but it is unnecessary. We don't know of any electric cars or vans that have a manual transmission.