Leasing Questions

You’re in safe hands when it comes to leasing a car or van with electric vehicle contracts. We have a wealth of knowledge to ensure you are provided with the correct vehicle and financial contract. If you have any questions regarding leasing you can find an array of leasing FAQ's below. For anything else, please get in touch, we're sure we can answer your queries.

Leasing has an array of benefits that purchasing a car or van outright simply doesn't have. Have you bought a vehicle before? Did you lose money? Perhaps you didn't, but was is a stress free experience? Unlikely. Standard production vehicles always depreciate in value. It is difficult to put your finger on exactly how much value they will lose. With leasing, you're essentially just paying for the depreciation of the vehicle during the time you lease it (plus a little bit more - nothing in life is free we're afraid). Leasing allows you to have a fixed monthly rental making it easier for you to manage your finances. You can even add maintenance to your contract for even more peace of mind. At the end of your contract, you simply hand the vehicle back and can start again if you please. This means you're always in the latest electric vehicle, cool right? There are many more benefits to leasing! To see our full list, view our why contract hire page. 

Electric vehicle contracts was born out of Yorkshire Vehicle Finance, a company that has been trading for over 20 years in Sheffield. We recognised a distinct lack of expertise in the electric vehicle market and also a large amount of questions coming from the public, and business surrounding EV's. As well as this lack of knowledge in the field, we also consider this a great step towards developing a more environmentally equitable company. Something we're always striving to achieve. We are a member of the British vehicle rental and leasing association meaning our staff are trained to the highest standards of customer excellence. We are committed to providing consultative advice to our customers so they can make the right decision on their vehicle. As a finance broker, we use a number of well-renowned leasing companies meaning we can remain competitive on price and offer the best prices in the industry. Need anymore convincing? Don't listen to us, listen to our customers, check out our 5 star reviews.
There are many reasons why businesses would lease electric vehicles rather than buying. Managing a fleet of vehicles efficiently takes time, something that is often sparse in a busy businesses. Why not pass your vehicle management over to the experts? We have over 20 years experience managing fleets to save you time and money! Leasing a vehicle means you don't have your funds tied up in a depreciating asset, freeing up your cashflow and allowing you to spend your money where it matters. Leasing vehicles means you're always driving the latest vehicles and can afford a more expensive vehicle that if you were to buy one outright. This can make you look more professional in front of clients. Would you prefer your staff to be driving a brand new Tesla Model 3? Or a rusty '08 Peugeot 207? We know what we'd chose. There's many other benefits to leasing for businesses, you can read more here
Ofcourse it can! When you own a vehicle you take on the full burden of its depreciation. Effectively, you could end up losing money! When you lease a vehicle you only pay a predetermined rate. If the market takes a turn for the worst, you’re protected. Leasing a vehicle means you're simply paying for the value of the expected vehicle depreciation over the term of your lease, plus a smidgen more. All our electric car leasing agreements are available with an optional maintenance package. When you own your vehicle and something goes wrong, you're responsible for the maintenance costs. When you let us take care of your maintenance, you can be worry free! Just one simple monthly cost for your vehicle and maintenance. You can find out more information here.
Sometimes, an electric vehicle just doesn't suit your needs. Funnily enough, we originated from Yorkshire Vehicle Finance they've been supplying petrol cars and vans for over 20 years! We assure you they'll give you a sterling service. Get in touch! We use the same team so you can contact either of us.
Yes, you will have to have full insurance in order to drive a leased vehicle. This will be noted in your order documentation. We do not provide insurance.
Yes, we are regulated by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. This is the pinnacle of regulation for our industry. We have received excellent scores in our audits, ensuring we stick to the highest standards of regulatory requirements throughout our business.
You can treat an initial rental as essentially a nonrefundable deposit. This is paid as your first monthly rental installment and is usually equivalent to 3, 6 or 9 monthly rentals. For example, if you have an initial rental of 3 months and your monthly rental cost is £300 per month. You will pay £900 as the installment for your first month then £300 a month for each month afterwards. Paying a higher initial rental will mean your monthly cost will be smaller, as you're paying more upfront. Perhaps 3, 6 or 9 months doesn't work for you? We can tailor this to suit the cash you have to hand.
We do not tend to do zero deposit leasing however we can try and do it. Generally we require a minimum initial rental of 3 months. This is down to the lenders discretion. Those with a poor credit rating may need to put more money down initially. On the plus side, as we're a broker and not a lender. We can propose you to a variety of different lenders. This means you have more chance of being approved for credit than if you were to go to a dealership.
Picking an accurate mileage is important so we can offer you an accurate quote. When you drive more miles, the cars components wear faster and the car requires more maintenance. Mileage is a huge indicator of a cars value, the higher the mileage, the less the car is worth. When you lease a car, you're paying for the depreciation of the vehicle. The more you drive, the more value the car will lose and the more you will have to pay a month. If you go over your annual mileage you will be charged. Please let us know as soon as you're aware that it is likely you will go over your mileage so we can readjust your contract mileage. If you go over your allowed mileage significantly, the charges can rack up pretty fast so it is important you let us know immediately.