Tesla Model 3 Lease

A Tesla model 3 lease is one of our bestselling. With a 0-60 time of 3.2s, it’s a real face melter disguised as a practical yet sleek electric saloon. The Tesla Model 3 is a fully electric 4 door saloon with a stylish yet minimalistic design. With similar features to its older brother, the model S. This Tesla is instantly recognisable. A solid pain of glass spans the roof of this vehicle making the model 3 feel spacious and full of light. 

The interior of the Model 3 is simple and dominated by the 15-inch touch screen display in the centre dashboard. This screen controls nearly all of the car’s features. This takes away the traditional clutter of knobs and buttons. Leaving a modern, futuristic and spacious environment.

The model 3 is one of the safest cars ever built! With a 5-star Euro NCAP rating, a Tesla model 3 lease boasts superior safety for its users, and passengers. By mounting the batteries along the underside of the vehicle, this vastly improves the vehicles safety. With an extremely low centre of gravity, the vehicle is almost impossible to flip. This dramatically reduces the possibility of a fatal crash. By not having an engine, this increases the length of the crumple zone in a front on collision. In turn, this reduces the forces involved on a vehicle occupant(s) during a crash.

Due to the vehicles lack of a front mounting engine, a Tesla model 3 has an extra boot at the front! This means you have a huge 425 litres of storage space making the vehicle incredibly practical. Whether it’s the family shopping or a busy day at the garden centre. You should have enough space for the majority of your logistical needs providing you’re not a builder’s merchant.

With 3 different versions, a Tesla Model 3 contract hire agreement fits a range of budgets. There’s a standard, long-range or performance edition, allowing you to pick based on your needs. The main differences between these models are their range and acceleration.

Our Tesla Model 3 Lease Deals

Our Tesla Model 3 lease deals are not to be sniffed at. We have access to an incredible range of stock vehicles for you to choose from. Alternatively, we can order you a Tesla direct from the factory to your exacting requirements. When you lease a model 3, you can improve your personal or business cashflow. By leasing a Tesla Model 3, you don’t have the large capital output that you would expect when purchasing a vehicle (however we can offer purchase agreements also if you require). With our Tesla Model 3 finance packages, you simply pick your mileage, term and whether you’d like to include maintenance. By doing this, you can wrap up all your vehicle costs in one simple monthly payment. All our Model 3 contracts are available for personal and business contract hire. 

By leasing a Tesla Model 3, you can take advantage of its eco-friendliness and the latest technology. After your contract is up, you simply hand the vehicle back. Get in touch with our team today for a quote.


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