About Us

Electric vehicle contracts (otherwise known as EVC or EVCUK) are an independent leasing broker who specialise in personal and business contract hire of electric vehicles. The business was formed out of a drive for a more environmentally equitable motor trade. We understand that people need to get from A-B, we want them to do it with a minimal cost to the environment and themselves.

We also noticed a distinct lack of knowledge within the electric vehicle market. We decided to fill that gap and become the experts!

EVC was formed out of a longstanding business, Yorkshire Vehicle Finance. The business has been running for over 20 years and has a proud tradition of providing consultative advice and offering an unbeatable customer service to all its clients. We will carry on that tradition. With our same award-winning team, we aim to become one of the UK's leading electric car and van leasing brokers.

Our Goals

Here at Electric Vehicle Contracts, we aim to give you the best leasing deals on any hybrid, plug-in or electric, car or van. 

We want to give you the best advice in the UK and give you your own dedicated sales executive - your knowledgable point of contact for vehicle financing. Most of our highly experienced sales team have been with us for over a decade! 

We also want you to have the smoothest leasing experience possible. We do this by using the latest vehicle leasing software that we have spent years developing and tweaking to ensure nothing is missed. We want your car or van to be delivered to you on time with zero problems and for you to be kept up-to-date every step of the way. 

We’ve teamed up with trees for life as our tree planting partner in order to try and reduce our carbon footprint. We’re not oblivious, we understand that the vehicles we sell will have carbon emissions associated with their manufacture and sometimes their usage. That's why were going to plant a tree with every vehicle we sell.

Yorkshire Vehicle Finance

Yorkshire Vehicle Finance is our parent company and one of the UK's leading suppliers of car and van leasing. Based in Sheffield and established in 1997, we are an award-winning company committed to giving fantastic value and the best customer advice available.

We make car and van leasing simple because our experts are on hand to help you every step of the way.

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