Nissan e-NV200 Combi Lease

A Nissan E-NV200 combi lease is the perfect vehicle for those with a big family or perhaps a business that needs a vehicle to transport multiple people. With a 5 or 7-seat option available, this can be a sizeable family car with an extraordinary amount of boot space or the ultimate people carrier.

This vehicle is fully electric meaning you can drive with peace of mind about your environmental impact. With an electric propulsion system, you emit zero emissions as you drive!

Nissan’s intelligent mobility systems allow you to track your vehicle’s statistics from your mobile. You can check things like battery level, range and even your driving efficiency. On the vehicles dashboard you’re given a navigation system to help you navigate your way through todays busy world. With real time traffic updates, you’re always in control. Bluetooth and a USB inputs also come as standard. The interior of this car is a real pleasure to be in. With ample headroom this car feels exceedingly spacious. The sliding doors make the vehicle extremely easy to enter and exit in tight spaces. With the option of heated seats and steering wheel, you can add a splash of luxury to this practical car as well.

The exterior of the car is eye catching. Admittedly it’s no Lamborghini, but for a people carrier we think the e-NV200 does a great job! This vehicle has smooth contours providing an aerodynamic and efficient drive.

This fully electric 5 or 7-seater is the perfect family car and is also the worlds first all-electric 7 seater. The 2 seats in the third row can be folded up to create more storage space. The seats in the middle row can also be folded to further increase load capacity. With 7 different colours to choose from, there’s fair room for a more customised look.

About Nissan e-NV200 contract hire

By leasing a Nissan e-NV200 combi, you get all the benefits, yes benefits, of not owning a vehicle. You don’t have to worry about the depreciation cost. You simply pay a monthly fee for the vehicle and that’s it! When your contract comes to an end (by this time you might be looking at another option anyway) you simply hand the vehicle back. A fixed monthly cost eliminates the large upfront capital expenditure associated with buying a vehicle. You can even get all your maintenance included as well in one monthly cost.

Personal contract hire and business contract hire agreements are available. Please get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.


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