Nissan Leaf Lease

With a Nissan Leaf lease, you get a reasonably priced, green, and practical fully electric hatchback. This car is a true best seller and one of the earliest full production electric vehicles. The Nissan Leaf has been designed with the environment in mind. When it comes to the end of this vehicle’s lifespan, Nissan say this car is 99% recyclable. Many of the vehicle’s components are already made from recycled materials. If you’re looking to lease a green car, not many come close to the Nissan Leaf.

There are two main models available (with a few different choices of each), the standard Nissan Leaf and the Leaf E. The E has a higher range of the two and is intended for those that have a longer commute. The normally Leaf is marketed toward city drivers. Both with regenerative breaking technology, this vehicle recharges itself as you brake helping you get more miles on a single charge. A Nissan Leaf contract hire agreement is suitable for any eco-conscious commuter.

The interior plays host to a floating screen dashboard. This has a real premium feel about it. A flat-bottomed steering wheel gives the inside of the car a sporty look with the added practicality of making entry to the drivers seat easier. Delicate blue accents and redesigned gauges on the dashboard give the car a somewhat futuristic feel. Ultimately, the Nissan Leaf’s interior is an extremely pleasant environment for any budding driver and passengers as well.

The exterior of the car is modern and stylish and is available in a variety of colours, both eye catching and classic colours. The front of the vehicle plays host to a stylish ‘V-Motion’ grille and ultra-efficient LED headlamps to ensure the best night-time visibility. With an aerodynamic body shape and elegant rear diffuser this car is built for efficiency through and through.

With Nissan Leaf leasing, you don’t have to worry about the residual value of the vehicle. If the car loses value, that doesn’t matter as you don’t own it. At the end of your Nissan Leaf contract hire agreement, you simply hand it back. When you lease a car from Electric Vehicle Contracts, you don’t have to worry about an expensive balloon payment. You just pay a simple monthly fee. You can even include a maintenance agreement with your lease. This avoids unexpected maintenance costs meaning you’re not lumped with a large bill when your car breaks down.

Our Nissan Leaf Lease deals are available to any business or personal user. Need a car immediately? That’s not a problem, we have a wide range of stock vehicles available for you to choose from. Alternatively, we can order you something to your exact specification. So if a Nissan Leaf special offer seems up your street, get in touch with our team today.


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