Tesla Model S Lease

The Tesla Model S is a fully electric 4-door executive saloon that combines high performance and luxury with zero emissions. With a max acceleration of 0-60mph in 2.4s, the Tesla is a real rocket! Whilst it seems a little scary, due to its minimal noise and smooth ride this blistering speed is surprisingly undaunting. The fully electric luxury saloon takes it all in its stride.

With a beautiful sweeping body this car is a real head turner. A Tesla Model S lease is available in 5 different colours, white, black, silver, blue and red – all great classic colours. With a simple yet luxuriously finished interior, this car is majestic on the inside, and out.

The long-range model has a huge 379 mi range with the performance model following very closely behind. With free unlimited supercharging with every Model S lease, you get an unrivalled charging experience compared to the other EV manufacturers. With Tesla superchargers nested all over Europe (mainly near major roads and in motorway service stations) you’ll never be far from juice when you’re travelling long distances.

The 17-inch touch screen display is the main talking point of the car. This sits in the middle of the dashboard. From here, the whole of the vehicle is controlled. From the satellite navigation, to the vehicles heating and entertainment systems (including car-aoke – yes that’s right it even has karaoke). This software is highly customisable and allows you to set your exact preferences for many aspects of the vehicle. Any new software updates are simply managed by an app on your smartphone ensuring you’re always driving with the latest technology.

Our Tesla Model S Lease Deals

We have some of the best Tesla Model S leasing deals on the market. We can provide you with a package that suits your exacting needs. With a wide selection of vehicles in stock we can provide you with a vehicle as soon as you please. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more to your taste. We can order your custom Tesla direct from the factory. 

Tesla Model S contract hire agreement is a great opportunity for a business executive or private individual to take the stress out of driving. A simple monthly payment that takes care of all of your driving (even your maintenance – if you chose an optional maintenance package). With a Model S finance agreement, you can improve your cashflow and minimise your capital expenditure. When leasing a Tesla, you are only really paying for the depreciation of this vehicle. Our electric vehicle contracts generally last for 2,3 or 4 years – you choose. Once your contract is up, you simply hand the vehicle back. By leasing a vehicle, you can drive a new car every few years. This means you always have the latest model.

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