Electric Car Lease Deals

Reduce your emissions, save tax and enjoy faster acceleration with an electric car lease. We can provide any make or model of electric car, at a UK leading price. 

Choosing an all-electric vehicle is the pinnacle of sustainable transport. Lowering your carbon footprint meaning you can drive with a clearer conscience. With air pollution on the rise, environmental sustainability is being put in the hands of the consumer more than ever. With our wide selection of zero emission leases, you’re in safe hands.

With all the big manufacturers making the big switch to electric. At Electric Vehicle Contracts, you have the widest range of electric car leasing deals to choose from. From classic brands like Jaguar with their I-Pace, to the new kids on the block, Tesla with their renowned Model 3.

Whilst the future resale value of electric cars has been shown to be fairly positive, there is still much uncertainty. By leasing an electric car, you avoid the hassle of resale and the chance of losing money when you come to sell your vehicle.

The government have pledged net zero carbon emissions by 2050 to help this along there are many grants and incentives for electric vehicle owners. It’s never been a better time to switch to electric. Make the most of it with our brilliant electric car leasing deals.

There are many benefits to leasing an electric car. With their low centre of gravity due to the weight of the batteries (generally along the underside of the vehicle), they’re very difficult to flip in an accident. This makes them far safer than conventional vehicles. The acceleration of electric cars is almost instant. This makes them more fun to drive! With less moving parts, fully electric vehicles have a significantly reduced maintenance cost. For business fleets, this can save a lot of money!

A leasing agreement is essentially a long-term rental. Once your contract has finished (this is normally 24, 36 or 48 months) you simply hand the vehicle back. We can provide electric car contract hire agreements for businesses and private individuals at leading rates.

If you’d like some more information on electric car finance, we have a vast array of knowledge. Both on the vehicles and the financial contracts associated with them. Please get in touch.


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